The first real book about pool hustlers was written by Walter Tavis and published in 1961. I was a Junior at Lennox High School. Back then you had to be 18 years old to walk into a pool hall. That did not stop me, even though I was asked to leave a few times. Still most local pool hall owners were not that concerned with your age, if you were quiet and behaved yourself. This environment was fascinating and the people I met would forever change the way I looked at life. The following books tell this story, for better or worse.

(1.) The Hustler, Walter Tavis (Dell, 1961)

(2.) Playing Off The Rail, David McCumber (Random House, 1996)

(3.) Runout A Novel, Richard M. Koff (iUniverse, 2003)

(4.) The Pool Room, Sid Ragland (E-BookTime, 2003)

(5.) Hustler Days, R.A. Dyer (The Lyons Press, 2003)

(6.) A Billard Hustler's Life, Danny McGoorty & Robert Bryne (Citadel Press, 1984)

(7.) Cornbread Red: Pool's Greatest Money Player, Bob Henning (Bebob Publishing, 1995)

(8.) Bet High and Kiss Low, Grady "The Professor" Mathews (Copywrite 2001, Grady Mathews)

(9.) Buddy Hall: Rags To Rifleman, Then What?, A Biography By W.W. Woody, (Huckleberry Publishing, 1995)

(10.) Road Player: The Danny Diliberto Story by Jerry Forsyth

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