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Well it looks like the old Tropicana Bowling Alley finally has a working presence on the net. Amazing considering we all grew up using typewriters. This project has much work to be accomplished so if you have any ideas, suggestions or just want to comment, please let me know. And thanks for the effort in helping a grand old hangout avoid compete obscurity.

Richard Schwary

Toll Free 1-800-225-7531

(March-August 2006)

1. Dennis Lee saved an old Trop receipt and sent a scan to my cousin Jerry Atiyeh. Jerry forwarded the picture to me and we now have the Tropicana's original address and telephone numbers. Believe it or not we have been looking for the last 3 months and since the building does not exist anymore it was harder than you might imagine to find an address. Now consider a 56 lane bowling alley, open 24 hours a day, being run with two phone lines.

Tropicana Bowling Center

11163 Prairie Ave.

Inglewood 2, CALIF.

ORegon 8-4927 or ORegon 3-4611

2. It's O.K. if you missed our first Tropicana reunion at Laughlin. But we missed you so don't pass up the fun this year. And besides the cost is right. Richard picks up the hotel rooms for everyone and throws a Saturday night dinner for the group. All he expects in return is a game of liar's poker and a few Trop stories to remind us of our youthful indiscretions. The dinner this year will include a presentation by Grady Mathews called The History of Pool in which this member of the One-Pocket Hall of Fame talks about the great pool players of our time (including Richie Florence). Now all you have to do is call or email me or Jerry Atiyeh and we will take care of your reservation and seat at the private dinner. It's really that simple.

3. The 2nd Annual Tropicana Reunion was held in Las Vegas At the Excalibur Hotel And Casino on Friday, September 29th and Saturday, September 30th, 2006.

These two pictures will give you some idea of the turnout, and it was fun by any standard. Grady put on a great show with his History of Pool and Ralph had our hostess announce to everyone when he had arrived and was leaving. The banquet was great and we all talked the night away bringing everyone up to date.

I think we were surprised at the number of people we were able to contact and we hope to make next year's gathering bigger and better. Still there were some who could not make it and we extend a kind invitation to next year's festivities. Believe it or not you will recognize everyone within a few minutes and after an hour and a drink or two I swear everyone looks like they did at the Trop!

The second picture is one of me and Grady together. He really is a nice man with an encyclopedic knowledge of pool. No wonder they call him "The Professor".

This update is posted July of 2012 and I'm sorry to say Grady passed away not long ago. Considering his stature and longevity and excellence as a pool player and strait up gambler I am surprised at the lack of publicity over his death. The last time we talked was in a taxi ride with his wife who is also no longer with us but his wit kept me laughing for an hour. He did write about the darker side of pool but to really appreciate his knowledge you had to listen to him in person. He will be missed by many and perhaps one of the pool magazines will do a well-deserved article on his life and accomplishments.

Finally I would like to thank Jerry Atiyeh for all the work he did in organizing this get together. Thanks Jerry! From all of us.

Contact Jerry Atiyeh or (949) 455-7351]

Richard Schwary or (800) 225-7531]

For the record I'm including a few emails and telephone numbers of people you might remember:

Jerry Vega -

Lester (Glenn) Moss -

Mike & Stephanie Wilkins -

Dennis Lee -

Lyman Moss -

Don Hinzo (310) 561-6623

Bob Gudger -

Ralph Brasachio - (805) 648-6950

Jerry Atiyeh

24701 Raymond Way #84, Lake Forest, Ca 92630-4725

Tex Martin - (949) 648-0016

Eddie Walker - (661) 733-1216

Careful Lou (714) 966-1594 -

Franke -

Connie (Grubbs) Collins -

Judy Sutherland (530) 872-9314

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