Tropicana Pictures - Click on any picture for a close up.

The first 6 pictures are all that the Tropicana boys have provided of Richie Florence. They came from Richie's nephew, Greg Mathews (Torrance, CA) to Don Hinzo and then to me. Since my original posting Don Hinzo gave me a copy of Pool & Billiard Magazine (August 2004) which shows that at least one of these photos, probably more are from the James Maxell Collection.

Again I would be happy to compensate and provide credit to anyone who might have additional photos of him or any other road player that gambled at the Trop from the 1960's through its demise in the 1980's. I don't care if they are originals, anything will do. Just scan what you may have and send the image along with proper credit to the owner. Of the 6 pictures of Florence 5 were professionally done, probably for some sort of promotion he was doing. Of these, number 5 is the most interesting. It contains a virtual who's who of world class players attesting to Richie's ability and fame as a money player. If you click on this photo it will enlarge and I have begun to post each quote.

Dan Janes (Joss Cues Ltd.) told me in a recent email that the number 3 picture of Richie was taken at Jack & Jills Cue Club (Arlington, Virginia) owned by Weenie Beenie. Richie had just lost to Jim Rempe in the finals and was not smiling.

The third row of pictures are 3 newspaper scans with pool coverage mentioning Richie Florence. All of these were provided by Don Hinzo and if you double click on any of them the picture will enlarge and you can read the text.

The forth row contain 2 pictures taken at Mr. Lucky's (Torrance, CA) and represent a number of the local hustlers that made the Trop their home in the 1960's. The final picture being the most recent we have been able to find of the Tropicana.

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