Ronnie Allen Stories

The first picture is signed by Ronnie Allen to Richard Schwary.

The second was given to me by Don Hinzo and is the cover of Pool & Billiard (June 2003). The Legendary Stardust Tournaments players are (left to right) Weenie Beanie, Ronnie Allen, Eddie Taylor, Marshall Carpenter, Joe Balsis, Danny Gartner, Irving Crain, and Jesey Red.

The 7 recordings are pool and gambling stories told by Ronnie, either taken from tapes given to us by Allen or made in two recording sessions done in Laguna Hills (2006) with Tex Martin, Jerry Atiyeh and Richard Schwary.

Some of these stories overlap or are repeated in different versions but I'm laying 3 to 1 all will bring a smile to your face.

ronnie 1

ronnie 1 continued

ronnie 2

ronnie 3

ronnie 4

ronnie 5

ronnie 6

ronnie 7